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Call for Posters-2022 MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference

Published on June 13, 2022 in Announcements · Last updated 10 months 1 week ago


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Please Note: Event Will Now be Located in Roberts Center for Pediatric Research

Submit your poster abstracts for the 2022 MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference, sponsored by CHOP Department of Biomedical Informatics(DBHi) and Penn's Institute for Biomedical Informatics(IBI). The conference will be held live at the CHOP HUB for Clinical Collaboration on Friday October 7, 2022 and this year's theme is "Computational Approaches to Differentiation in Diseases." We will be holding a live poster session and have added extra time for you to share your work and network with colleagues.

Poster Lightning Round Session

Ten posters will be selected to present at the lightning round session during the conference.

Authors are invited to submit posters on algorithm, software, database, and analysis of genetic or genomic data, including but not limited to following topics:

  • Integrative Analyses of Biological Data on Multiple Scales
  • Diagnostic Focus on Genetic and Genomic Data
  • Machine Learning Methods Applied to 'omics' Data
  • Structural Variants and Non-coding Variants
  • Visualization and Visual Analytics of Biological and Health Data
  • Epigenetics of Human Diseases
  • Computational Systems Biology and Biological Network Modeling
  • Epistasis of Genetic Variants
  • Population and Comparative Genomics
  • Single-cell Sequencing and Analyses
  • Translational Bioinformatics
  • Imputation of Genomic and Epigenomic Data
  • Genome and Sequence Analysis
  • Bioinformatics Methods Development
  • Genotype-Phenotype Relationships


Submit your abstract for consideration.

Poster Abstract Submissions Due: August 15, 2022
Decisions will be announced September 9, 2022.

Trainee Poster Awards

Students & Trainees are eligible for awards associated with submitting a Poster Abstract for the 2022 MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference. Trainee award winners will be featured in a special session during the conference on Friday October 7, 2022. Three (3) awards of $250 will be presented. To be eligible for Student & Trainee Abstract Awards, the recipient must be the primary author of the Abstract.

More information can be found on the conference website: