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Lab Life Video Series: Song Laboratory



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Lab Life Song Laboratory

Shannon Trombley, Technician: If I were to describe our lab in one word I would probably choose “collaboration.”

Geena Jung, Technician: Comradery.

Tsz (Emily) Yan Lo, Graduate Student Lab Engineer: Good vibes.

Tobias Steinschaden, Graduate Student: Beehive. Everyone’s just zipping in and out and working.

Dr. Song, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: My lab sits right at the intersection of neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration, and regeneration. We need to understand how the nervous system is established, how it functions, and how it copes with injury and disease.

Geena Jung: As important as the actual research is, I think it’s just as important to be in an environment where you feel welcomed and included and I think that’s really the case with our lab.

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