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Published on
Jan 16, 2024
CHOP’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention is looking ahead to the next 25 years, with a strategic plan that is focused on fostering stakeholder engagement and nurturing the next generation of injury scientists.
Published on
Sep 29, 2023
This week’s In The News reports on higher education vaccination policies, college athletes’ concussions, a new genetic disease, and zebrafish.
Published on
Sep 2, 2022
Learn about novel findings from our Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers.
Published on
Jul 22, 2022
Learn about novel findings from our Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers.

Lisa Blaskey, PhD, is a clinical neuropsychologist at the Center for Autism Research and the Lurie Family Foundations MEG Imaging Center. Dr. Blaskey serves as a co-investigator and clinical expert on ASD neuroimaging studies, designing clinical and neuropsychological phenotyping batteries.

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The Lurie Family Foundations MEG Imaging Center uses advanced imaging methods to study brain development, autism spectrum disorder, and mild traumatic brain injury/concussion.

Published on
Apr 26, 2022
A joint research effort compared the diagnosis and recovery for youth with assault- versus sports-related concussions.

Our Driving after Concussion study needs the help of both healthy and recently concussed teen partners in our research to understand how concussion affects driving behaviors in teens.

Transforming the diagnosis, management, and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with new tools for TBI assessment that will change the paradigm of medical care at the individual, community, and population levels.

Addressing public concerns and existing gaps in the basic and clinical science related to the natural history, evaluation and management, and prevention of sports-related concussion.