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Genetic Disorders

Published on
May 18, 2023
Scientists from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia attend the American Society of Cell & Gene Therapy Annual Meeting to share their expertise through posters, panel discussions, and workshops.

Our team at the Congenital Hyperinsulinism Center at CHOP is working on a research study to determine whether an experimental gene therapy product, DTX401, is safe and effective in people with glycogen storage disease type Ia (GSDIa)

Published on
Oct 21, 2021
Findings support lysosomal acidification strategies for pediatric neurodegenerative disorders with impaired mitochondrial quality control.

We are doing this study to see if the patterns of abnormalities in controlling insulin in children and adults with hyperinsulinism are related to any underlying genetic cause and to identify possible new genetic causes.

This research study is looking at risk factors for developing Thoracic Insufficiency in children with Larsen's Syndrome.

This study involves the collection of medical information and samples from people with a confirmed or suspected leukodystrophy or related disorder affecting the white matter of the brain, as well as "healthy controls" who are not known to be affected by one of these disorders.

Providing state-of–the-art, individualized clinical support to children and families undertaking genetic and genomic testing. Offering interpretative and educational support to clinicians pursuing this testing for their patients.

Understanding, developing, and applying gene and related cell and nucleic acid therapies to find cures for debilitating disorders.

Published on
Mar 13, 2020
In this roundup, read about a novel sepsis approach, a new consortium for rare genetic disorders and psychiatric conditions, and more.
Published on
Oct 3, 2018
In his nearly four decade-long career, Dr. Levine has advanced our understanding of the complex genetic basis of several bone and mineral disorders.