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Published on
Sep 6, 2023
Our September Featured Research Trainee, Arthur Lee, MD, studies untargeted metabolomic profiling to improve the lives of children with chronic kidney disease.
Published on
Mar 10, 2023
The National Kidney Foundation honored Susan Furth, MD, PhD, with the 2023 Excellence in Care Award.

The purpose of this NIH-funded placebo-controlled clinical trial is to determine how well ferric citrate will lower FGF23, correct anemia and iron levels in the blood, and maintain normal levels of phosphate in children with CKD.

Dr. Furth's research focuses on defining risk factors for kidney disease progression in children; characterizing the effect of kidney function decline on neurodevelopment, cognitive abilities and behavior; identifying the prevalence and evolution of cardiovascular disease risk factors, and examining the effects of declining glomerular filtration rate on children’s growth.

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Published on
Jul 20, 2018
New advances in pediatric chronic kidney underscore the big difference between CKD in children vs. adults.