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Adolescent Health

Published on
Mar 31, 2023
Read about a first-of-its-kind seizure prediction model and a study that found parents and teens with healthy relationships have better long-term health outcomes.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is seeking healthy adolescents between the ages of 12-13, who are currently in the 7th grade, to participate in the Sleep and Growth Study 2. 

Helping parents and caregivers promote health and build character in adolescents, and strengthening family connections through effective communication.

Published on
Oct 12, 2020
Learn about the research projects supported by Clinical Futures/PolicyLab Pilot Grants and how they seek to drive change in policy and practice.

With her training in public health and epidemiology, Dr. Myers primary research focuses on community violence and trauma recovery support. She also is actively involved in studies addressing child and adolescent passenger safety in motor vehicle crashes

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Improving the safety, quality, and health outcomes of pediatric care through clinical research. PeRC’s mission is to provide the expertise and infrastructure needed to support research within the primary care setting.

Dr. Dalembert’s academic and research interests include adolescent health, health equity, and increasing patient/family engagement in the primary care setting. He also has a passion for medical education and engages in curricular design, as well as directly teaching residents and medical students.

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Published on
Dec 12, 2017
Get a glimpse into the four inventive research portfolios that strategically align PolicyLab's goals to improve child health.