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Unseen World of Microbes Filled With Untapped Potential

Published on June 25, 2021 in Announcements · Last updated 3 years ago


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Join us in celebrating World Microbiome Day on June 27!

Learn how the CHOP Microbiome Center, a component of the PennCHOP Microbiome Program, provides a variety of services to researchers engaged in discovery about the human microbiome.

• We provide high-throughput sample preparation and combines the generation and analysis of large-scale metagenomic DNA sequencing data on microbial populations with analysis of patient records, human genetic data, metabolomics and additional omics-type data.
• In FY21, we processed nearly 16,500 samples and analyzed more than 5.67 trillion base pairs of DNA sequences.
• We have worked on more than 20 biosample types from more than 15 different species.
• More than 150 investigators from 40 institutions from around the world collaborate with us.

The CHOP Microbiome Center offers standard fee-for-service and collaborative research arrangements with CHOP, Penn, and external customers.

Contact [email protected] for more information.