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Note: The Schuylkill Avenue Research Building (SARB) has been renamed the Morgan Center for Research and Innovation, as of May 14th, 2024.

The pursuit of discovery to improve children’s healthcare was built into Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from the very beginning. As we celebrate the exciting milestone of the 100th anniversary of CHOP’s first research lab, it amazes me to see the great strides our researchers have made in treating childhood illnesses over the past century. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Furth, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at CHOP Research Institute. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come in pediatric science and what the future holds.

In 1922, when CHOP established its first research lab in the basement of the hospital, Dr. Joseph Stokes Jr., and other CHOP researchers were focused on addressing the major public health challenges of the time, including infectious disease and infant mortality.

Thanks to the incredible investments in research that we’re making at CHOP, our teams today are part of a world-renowned Research Institute that is well-prepared to find solutions to the challenges children are facing in the 21st century:

  • We leverage remarkable advances in the understanding of the human genome to study the unique signature of each child’s disease.
  • We develop tools to synthesize and interrogate huge amounts of clinical and laboratory data to target the most precise and effective treatments.
  • We share outstanding biomedical research resources and technology to perform basic science that advances our understanding of rare and complex pediatric diseases.
  • We use rigorous scientific methods to test assumptions about “what works” to implement evidence-based interventions to improve clinical care.
  • We connect innovators and inventors with the business skills and planning they need to speed pediatric therapeutic and medical device development.

The Research Institute’s commitment to patient-driven research that changes lives is integrated in everything we do. From primary care to outpatient specialty areas, every patient is welcomed as a research participant who can help to create healthier futures for children.  

Our community-based research efforts are reducing disparities in healthcare access and improving health outcomes for all children. And we are creating strategies and interventions to address the pediatric behavioral health crisis and prevent violence in our neighborhoods.

The Schuylkill Avenue Research Building, which will open in 2025 next to the Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, will give the best and brightest scientists the invigorating space, resources, and collaborative culture they need to make even more advances in these areas.

Science is light years ahead of where it was just a century ago, and I am so proud of the role CHOP Research Institute has played in improving pediatric healthcare during that time. Our ongoing investments in research will help us ensure that this remarkable pace of discovery continues — and that our scientists are making breakthroughs to transform children’s healthcare for many, many years to come.

Happy 100 years, CHOP Research!

To the Research Institute, congratulations on 100 years of amazing work!

Happy 100 years of research at CHOP!

Happy 100 years, CHOP Research!

Happy 100 years of research, CHOP!

Happy 100 years of research! Thank you so much for helping kids like me.

CHOP, happy 100th anniversary to the Research Institute.

Happy 100 years, CHOP Research!

Happy 100 years, CHOP Research!

Happy 100 years, CHOP Research!

Thanks for helping kids like me, CHOP researchers!