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Individuals interested in a potential position in the lab should contact Omar Sherbini, MPH, clinical research program manager, at [email protected]. Please be sure to include a brief description of research interests, as well as a recently updated CV.

The Vanderver Lab’s translational research model is aimed at developing a robust understanding of leukodystrophies and other heritable conditions affecting the white matter of the brain.

The Vanderver Lab is a founding member of the Global Leukodystrophy Initiative Clinical Trials Network (GLIA-CTN), a Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN) consortium of scientists, industry stakeholders, and patient advocacy leaders working together to promote advances in the diagnosis and treatment of leukodystrophies.

In parallel to these approaches, the Vanderver Lab works closely with a diverse group of international stakeholders to promote disease awareness and education, advocate for the adoption of universal newborn screening and early diagnostic programs, and establish clinical guidelines to support the short- and long-term care of individuals living with leukodystrophies.

Research Highlights

Research in the Vanderver Lab focuses primarily on:

  • Characterizing previously unclassified leukodystrophies and uncovering their underlying genetic causes
  • Exploring the molecular mechanisms of disease using advanced in vitro and in vivo models
  • Assessing the validity of advanced genetic sequencing techniques in the diagnosis of these disorders
  • Leveraging large-scale biomarker and natural history studies to facilitate development of therapeutic trials and, eventually, approved clinical therapies for select leukodystrophies.
Photo of Adeline Vanderver

Adeline L. Vanderver, MD

Program Director, Leukodystrophy Center of Excellence
Using translational approaches that encompass genomic studies, biomarker development, disease modeling, natural history studies, and clinical trials, Dr. Vanderver seeks to improve the quality of life and lifespan of individuals living with leukodystrophies or heritable disorder of myelin. She leads the Leukodystrophy Center of Excellence at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.