UPenn Radiation Safety Committee


The UP-Radiation Safety Committee (UP-RSC) is a committee responsible for development and administration of the radiation safety program at the University and affiliated institutions. It establishes policies and enforces compliance with the program. The UP-RSC has the authority and responsibility for approval of all proposals for radionuclide use and x-ray users. The UP-RSC meets on at least a quarterly basis. The UP-RSC includes membership from the CHOP medical and research communities. CHOP also maintains a Radiation Safety Committee comprised of clinical and laboratory researchers, clinicians and clinical administration staff, CHOP Environmental Health & Safety Department staff, and research administration staff.

The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is an individual responsible for the daily implementation of the radiation safety program in accordance with directives from the RSC, license provisions, and regulatory requirements. As the authorized representative of the Radiation Safety Committee, the RSO supervises all radiation control activities. The RSO is responsible for ensuring the safe use of radiation and radioactive materials and for meeting ALARA levels.

For more information about the committee, refer to the Radiation Safety Policies.