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Why do children with food allergies need support?

  • Although most children, teens, and parents adapt well to their food allergies, managing food allergies can be difficult.
  • The Cellie Coping Kit for Food Allergies was developed to give families some helpful tips on how to manage living with food allergies.

What does the Cellie Coping Kit for Children with Food Allergies include?

  • Cellie toy
  • Caregiver book
  • 42 coping cards for children
  • Cellie backpack

What research has been completed with the Cellie Coping Kit for Children with Food Allergies?

  • Our initial research suggests that children and parents learned new coping tips from the Cellie kit, and that the materials were fun and easy to use.

What do some parents and children who have used the Cellie Kit think about it?

  • "[The Cellie Kit] has life-saving tips." – Child, age 10
  • "If you are feeling frustrated about how to handle your kid's allergies, use this kit. It reduces anxiety for both parent and child." – Parent of 7-year-old child
  • "[The Cellie Kit] is helpful and picks up your spirit." – Child, age 11


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