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The Maude Lab for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Therapies focuses on developing and clinically evaluating new immunotherapies and targeted cancer therapies for children with high-risk and relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic

This study enrolls patients that have been diagnosed with acute leukemia associated with a KMT2A (MLL) gene rearrangement (referred to as KMT2Arearranged, or KMT2A-R).

Published on
Sep 8, 2023
Sarah K. Tasian, MD, received a $1 million grant to further her research into a novel immunotherapy for high-risk pediatric leukemias.
Published on
Jul 21, 2023
CHOP reaches a major milestone in pediatric cancer treatments, treating its 500th patient with CAR T-cell immunotherapy. This and more in our weekly research news roundup.
Published on
Jul 7, 2023
See highlights from the Third Annual Lymphatic Disorder Conference and Cellicon Valley ’23, and more in this week’s research news roundup.

The purposes of this study is to examine efficacy of the IDEAL2 (Improving Diet and Exercise in ALL) caloric restriction and activity intervention integrated into HR B-ALL induction to reduce incidence of end of induction (EOI) MRD ≥0.01%.

Published on
Jan 24, 2022
Researchers identified aberrant splicing as a culprit behind treatment resistance in B-ALL.
Published on
Dec 10, 2021
Our research news highlights a study about sequencing bone marrow DNA after CAR T-cell therapy and how it accurately predicts leukemia relapse.

Shifting the paradigm to treat the toughest pediatric cancers with new cell therapies that reprogram a patient's own immune system to kill cancer cells.

Published on
Jun 27, 2018
In a Q&A, Division of Oncology Chief Stephen P. Hunger, MD, shares what inspires him to conduct research on leukemia.