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Electronic Health Records

Published on
Jun 7, 2024
CHOP receives a collaborative grant to drive cystic fibrosis research forward, Dr. John Maris honored with Pitcher of Hope Award, and more.
Published on
Apr 7, 2022
The new Global Health Informatics Program is helping to amplify global health pediatric research.
Dr. Utidjian is a pediatric hospitalist and clinical informatician who is interested in clinical decision support and the secondary use of electron health records data for research.
utidjianl [at] chop.edu

The Global Health Informatics Program focuses on global partnerships to build health informatics workforces that can implement and optimize information technology to advance equitable healthcare and health outcomes in low-resource settings globally, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Research in the Wang Laboratory focuses on the development of bioinformatics methods to improve the understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases, and the integration of electronic health records and genomic information to facilitate genomic medicine on scale.

The Tsui Laboratory integrates healthcare and patient data and develops end-to-end real-time artificial intelligence decision support systems to impact hospital staff, patients, and public health by decreasing costs, morbidity and mortality, and to increase efficiency and quality of care.

Dr. Connolly coordinates CHOP's participation in the electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Consortium, a major NHGRI-funded initiative to integrate health records and genomics. He also has led a range of neuropsychiatric studies and trained as neuropsychologist at Trinity College Dublin.

connollyj1 [at] chop.edu

Dr. Rasooly's research aims to understand diagnostic decision making and leverage the electronic health record to support diagnostic excellence. Her current work focuses on recognition of child abuse, evaluating decision making in simulation, and improving diagnostic performance at CHOP.

rasoolyi [at] chop.edu

Dr. Weintraub is interested in using data from the electronic health record for the purposes of quality improvement and optimization of the user experience. 

weintraub [at] chop.edu

Dr. Getz develops and applies advanced methods to enable epidemiologic research that aims to optimize the treatment and supportive care of children with cancer by balancing the therapeutic benefits and toxicity risks with an emphasis in cardio-oncology.

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