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Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy

Dr. Ko's research focus is the development of non-invasive diffuse optical tools to identify critical periods of neurological vulnerability and to facilitate individualized care pathways to mitigate subsequent neurological injury in critically-ill children.

kotiff [at] chop.edu

Dr. Lynch is a physicist specializing in biomedical optics. Her research focuses on the development and use of novel optical imaging devices to improve the way we monitor the brain in vulnerable pediatric patients.

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Published on
Apr 5, 2023
The CHOP Global Scientific Excellence Award supports researchers-in-training to improve pediatric healthcare and outcomes for all children.

The Wolfson Family Laboratory for Clinical and Biomedical Optics focuses on the development and use of novel non-invasive optical devices to probe cerebrovascular hemodynamics and physiology in vivo. These devices are used in clinical and pre-clinical studies to discover the timing and causes of brain injury during care.