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Published on
Nov 26, 2021
Learn about novel findings and new funding from our Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers.

Utilizing high-throughput genomic technologies, combined with bioinformatic approaches, the Grant Lab is unraveling genomic puzzles related to traits that impact the lifecycle.

The Goldmuntz Laboratory manages a cardiac biorepository of case and parental samples, all of which have congenital heart disease.

Published on
Jun 18, 2019
The Symposium on Advances in Genomic, Epidemiology, and Statistics shares analytical methods for genomics and other high-dimensional data research fields.
Published on
Jun 7, 2018
SAGES 2018 shared researchers' new approaches to sifting through the vast data produced by next-gen sequencing and other omics to find useful signals.
Published on
Jul 15, 2014
In the first genome-wide analysis of postsurgical pain in children, pediatric researchers identified variations in genes that affect a child’s need for pain-control drugs.
Published on
Jun 23, 2014
New research from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania details how a diabetes-related gene functions on a biological pathway that affects the release of insulin.
Published on
Jun 11, 2014
After analyzing the DNA from thousands of patients, investigators from Children’s Hospital have uncovered several gene networks that may play important roles in autism.