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Critical Care

Published on
Apr 24, 2024
Elizabeth McGovern, MD, MPH, understands the high risks procedures like tracheal intubation carry, and as our April Faculty Spotlight, she educates future generations of clinicians on best practices.

The purpose of this research study is to determine if certain markers in your blood are increased over the duration of your chemotherapy, especially as you get sicker.

The office of the Colket Chair provides leadership in synergizing interprofessional research between CHOP and PENN Nursing and generates knowledge that supports patient and family healing, their healthcare experience, and clinical outcomes.

Published on
Jun 24, 2020
Meet Ruth Lebet, PhD, RN, a nurse scientist in the Center for Pediatric Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice at CHOP.

Dr. Jolley's research lab is focused on visualizing and quantifying congenitally abnormal heart structures using 3D imaging with the driving goal of informing surgical and interventional planning in children and adults with congenital heart disease.

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Dr. Kurth is a physician-scientist-leader in pediatric anesthesiology, quality and safety, and pediatric healthcare. He has experience conducting basic, clinical, and translational research studies as well as quality improvement projects to investigate clinical problems and develop technologies to understand the problem and devise therapies to prevent or treat it.

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