Getting Started with Shipping Core


Working with us is easy. Here are the steps to get started:

Register in ilab
Step 01

Register within iLab.

Complete the order form
Step 02

Complete and submit an order form.

Drop Your Sample
Step 03

Drop your sample or material off at the Colket Translational Research Building (CTRB) Loading Dock, Level A, Room A-700 on desired ship date between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., or 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Receive pickup notifications
Step 04

Receive FedEx pickup and delivery notifications directly to your inbox.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Research Institute's Shipping Core (RISC) is a fee-for-service facility available to all CHOP faculty and staff for the shipment of hazardous substances. RISC provides comprehensive shipping services, including:

  • Packaging, labeling, shipping and tracking of hazardous materials shipments
  • Assistance with the identification and procurement of permits
  • Training and certification research staff who have chosen to ship their own packages as "Certified Shippers"
  • Sale of SafTPak shipping supplies to "Certified Shippers" at discounted rates

No, you do not need to be trained to ship dangerous goods if you plan on using RISC’s full-service option. RISC will classify, pack, and label the package accordingly.

If you would still like to get trained to ship or become a “Certified Shipper,” RISC offers in-person trainings. The training schedule and registration information can be found below.

Shipping Training Requirements

Shipping training is required every two years for those individuals who pack, prepare shipping documents for, or ship regulated dangerous goods (including biological substances and dry ice).

Researchers utilizing the Research Institute Shipping Core to prepare their shipments are not required to complete shipping training.

Proper Transport of Infectious Substances

A training seminar for Shipping Class 6, Division 6.2 (Infectious Substances) and Class 9 (Dry Ice) Dangerous Goods. The seminar covers proper classification, packaging, marking, labeling and documentation for research and diagnostic shipments.

Registration Information

Email with your name, contact information and preferred training date from the list below to register.

FedEx shipping charges can be applied directly to a recipient or third-party FedEx account number, if the recipient or third party FedEx account number is provided on the shipping order form. The RISC handling fee and any applicable supply fees cannot be billed to the recipient.

Yes, as long as the packaging is appropriate for the material(s) being shipped and is in good condition. Specimens on dry ice require an insulated cooler with a tight fitting outer cardboard box without any tears or punctures.

The Shipping Core uses FedEx Express for all shipments.

First, complete a shipping order form. Select Sample submission (domestic shipments) or Permit review/Procurement and Sample submission for international shipments. Complete the fields that appear and select “Submit” to initiate your shipping order. The shipping order notifications will then be sent to the CHOP submitter and to RISC. You may then bring samples to RISC between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on your desired ship date.

RISC is located on the loading dock of the Colket Translational Research Building (CTRB) Level A, Room A-700. Take the CTRB service elevators to Level A, and follow the posted signs to the loading dock (left out of elevator, right at end of hallway, left at end of hallway, right at end of hallway, out double doors to loading dock and to the right).

RISC can also be accessed from the rear entrance of CTRB on Health Sciences Drive from 10 a.m. to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 3:30 pm.

Samples: Samples should be brought to RISC in secondary containment and with enough controls to maintain the temperature of the samples until they are dropped off to RISC. Guidelines for sample transport on CHOP campus can be found here.

Shipping Supplies: RISC stocks shipping supplies and temperature controls (dry ice, -10C, 0-4C, and 21C) for biologic and temperature sensitive shipments. If you have appropriate shipping supplies, they may be brought to the core for use instead of RISC supplies. Supplies determined not to be appropriate for the sample classification cannot be used in place of RISC supplies.

Documentation: If you have documentation for the recipient, we can include that in the package. You do not need to bring a copy of your shipping order form.

Additional documents, including a lab-generated declaration letter, and/or import permits from the recipient, may be needed for international shipments.

RISC will sign up the CHOP contact and recipient to receive automatic FedEx notifications using the email addresses supplied in the RISC order form. The CHOP contact and recipient will receive a notification when the package is picked up (tendered) from CHOP (generally after 8 p.m.), and a delivery confirmation when the package arrives at its destination. A FedEx exception notification may also be received in the unlikely event of a delay in transit or delivery (e.g., customs clearance delays, business closures, or security delays at the recipient location).

RISC monitors the status of all packages during transit and will contact FedEx in the event of delays in package transit/delivery. Current statuses, updates, and recommended or necessary actions will be communicated to the CHOP contact and recipient as appropriate.

Yes, dry ice is considered a “Class 9 dangerous good.” You must complete shipping training in order to ship dry ice packages on your own. You do not need to complete shipping training if you are using RISC to ship for you. The training schedule and registration information can be found here.

First, you must attend and complete a Proper Transport of Infectious Substances shipping training session (training required every two years). Then complete the Certified Shipper Registration form and email it to

SafTPak shipping systems can be purchased from the Shipping Core by submitting a shipping supply order form. On the form, select Shipping Supplies. Complete the fields that appear and select “Submit” to initiate your supply order. Supply order notifications will be sent to the CHOP submitter and to RISC, which will notify the CHOP submitter when the supplies are available for pickup.

RISC utilizes SafTPak supplies for shipments sent through the Core and maintains an inventory of SafTPak supplies available for purchase by Certified Shippers. Supplies are sold at discounted rates. A list of shipping supplies available for purchase though RISC can be found here.

Appropriate biological and dry ice shipping supplies can also be purchased independently from RISC though Lawson, which allows supplies to be purchased from various manufacturers, including SafTPak, InMark, and Therapack.

RISC does not manage or oversee departmental FedEx or UPS accounts. Visit the Supply Chain website for information on using CampusShip for UPS services or for assistance in obtaining a lab or departmental FedEx account number.