Shah Laboratory



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Research in the Shah Lab centers on elucidating the pathophysiology and exploring novel therapeutic targets in obesity and related complications. The lab team has worked extensively in the area of obesity-related adipose and systemic inflammation, using both preclinical (animal, in vitro cell and tissue) and clinical models.

Methods used in the laboratory include adipose biopsy, flow cytometry of adipose tissue and blood, cell culture of human primary adipocytes and monocyte/macrophage lines, isolation of bacterial microbiome, mRNA and protein quantification, and in silico metabolomics.

Rachana Shah

Rachana Shah, MD, MSTR

Attending Physician
Dr. Shah's research is centered on understanding obesity and its related complications. Her current work includes clinical and translational studies exploring pathophysiology and modulation of obesity-related adipose tissue and systemic inflammation using human cell lines and clinical trials. She is also involved in clinical studies of outcomes and risk factors of polycystic ovarian syndrome and type 2 diabetes in teens.