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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute recognizes the value of providing a financial incentive to investigators who mentor and support graduate students.

All CHOP Research Institute tuition assistance is discretionary; all applicants meeting the minimum qualification requirements are not guaranteed funding through these programs. Determination regarding awarding support through these programs will be made on the basis of availability of program funds and other factors at the time of application review. Receipt of support in one period does not guarantee future support.

Eligibility: Supports UPenn graduate students pursuing their degree at CHOP and funding the remainder of the student's tuition and stipend from externally funded research grants.

Benefit:  One half the cost of tuition for full time graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.

The CHOP Research Tuition Subvention program for PENN graduate students exists to encourage CHOP-based faculty to actively participate in the training of pre-doctoral students, to encourage PENN students to affiliate with CHOP, and to provide a subsidy comparable to that provided by the PENN Provost's Subvention.

It is expected that support is guaranteed by the mentor for years 3 and above of the pre-doctoral training period. Investigators who commit to paying the balance of a PENN PhD student's tuition and stipend costs from externally funded research grants are eligible for coverage of one-half the cost of the graduate student's tuition by the Subvention program.

This support is paid directly from CHOP Research to the University to cover the appropriate fraction of costs for each student. This program is made available with discretionary funds provided by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and availability is contingent on budgetary approval. Receipt of this subsidy in one semester does not guarantee receipt in the future. A copy of the student's BGS Invoice (or University tuition statement for non-BGS students) must be submitted for cost verification.

Research Business Managers and PIs complete and submit the application materials for support for this program.

Please contact your Research Business Manager for more information.