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Research Trainee Orientation Sessions

Published on Sep 19, 2019 · Last Updated 2 years 9 months ago


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The Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs offers group and individual orientation sessions for training grant fellows and other research trainees receiving stipends. Training Grant Fellows are postdoctoral fellows, physician fellows or graduate students appointed to and supported by an NIH institutional training grant (T) or individual fellowship (F). These trainees are expected to engage in research to further personal and professional development.

The Academic Training team provides orientation and training for training grant fellows, while Sponsored Projects and Research Business Management handles appointments. CHOP Human Resources is available to provide benefit information.

Research Trainee Orientation Sessions are scheduled during the months of June and July for trainees who are appointed at the beginning of each new fiscal year. Orientation sessions describe the benefits package, tax, and financial implications for those with a trainee status at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as resources and opportunities available to trainees.

Research Trainees who are appointed at other times during the year are contacted to participate in an individual orientation session that covers the same topics.

Please contact the Training Specialist, with questions about trainee status and for any questions about the group or individual orientation session.