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Recruitment Support


The Recruitment Enhancement Core (REC) provides study teams with comprehensive recruitment support including the following:

Internal Recruitment Support:
The REC can assist with internal advertising to CHOP staff. An advertisement can be submitted to be posted on the CHOP Intranet and in the weekly This Week at CHOP email that is sent to all employees (over 16,000 people).

External Recruitment Support:
External Recruitment Support includes tools such as which has over 140,000 volunteers nationwide and use of CHOP Social Media to support recruitment.

When discussing recruitment possibilities with the REC, we will review each study to see if those studies may be candidates for external recruitment support. Based on the subject population, recruitment goals, and recruitment timelines, the REC will help to develop a personalized recruitment plan for each study which may include some of the options listed on this page. If investigators are using additional tools for recruitment which they find helpful, please share that information with the REC so that we may continue to expand our services to provide optimal support for recruiting subjects at CHOP.

If you are interested in potentially participating in a CHOP study, please sign up for our research participant registry at

To view some of the current ongoing research at CHOP, please visit Research Discovery Finder.

ParticipantRecruitme [at] (Request this service)