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Non-Traditional Personnel (NTP) Program

Published on Sep 24, 2019 · Last Updated 1 year 2 months ago


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Research programs can be enriched by the efforts of short – and long-term collaborators, high school and college-level students, graduate students and others rotating or pursuing research training in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia research programs. In an effort to encourage the inclusion of talented individuals in its research programs and to ensure compliance when applicable visa restrictions, labor laws, safety, occupational health and tax issues and the concerns of accrediting and granting organizations, CHOP and its research division, the Research Institute, have established a set of definitions, policies and procedures to guide the involvement of such individuals in CHOP’s research programs.

The creation of this program and the fluid nature of the categories covered by it are meant to subsume individuals who previously may have been referred to as volunteers. With the adoption of this program, the term volunteer will not be used in the research context; individuals desiring to be connected with research programs will either be regular CHOP employees, CHOP-based University of Pennsylvania (Penn) faculty, or fit within the categories of Non-Traditional Research Personnel (NTP).

A Principal Investigator (PI) or PI’s designee/assistant or administrator must make the request to on-board a new NTP. All fields must be filled in with as much detail as possible. 

To initiate NTP onboarding, please submit a registration request which can be found on our @CHOP Site

NTP Orientation is mandatory and must be completed within 30 days of your official start date. Registration is required. Visit NTP Orientation Registration to find and register for an upcoming orientation session.