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IS Escalation Services

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RIS Outreach Services will assist you in navigating the IS support process by investigating, monitoring, and engaging Research and CHOP Information Services departments and their fulfillment and support teams.

Before requesting

To resolve your request as quickly as possible:

  • Please have already submitted your initial IS request through the CHOP Employee Service Portal.
  • Include all related information to your initial IS request, including any request reference number (such as incident, request, or task number). You will have received these reference numbers via email notification once you have submitted the request.
  • Please check your entire email box for related communications from initial IS Request support staff. They may have requested additional information or some action item for you to complete.
  • Please check the status of your request via “My Requests” section within the CHOP Employee Service Portal.
  • Please keep in mind many IS requests require your manager's approval, so check with them to see if they have an approval action item related to the request. These would have been sent to them via email notification.

Research IS Outreach Services will use this information to investigate your IS Escalation Services request.

If you have not yet submitted the initial IS Request, you may submit them through the RIS Applications & Services pages, via CHOP Employee Service Portal, or by calling the CHOP Service Desk.