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The CHOP IRB retains the use of several checklists outside of the eIRB system to aid with several less common types of reviews. In addition, the IRB Office maintains checklists to ensure that the pre-review process is complete.

IRB Reviewer Checklist Download Version
Subpart B §46.204:Research involving pregnant women or fetuses §204 Cklist 5-28-2014
Subpart B §46.205: Research involving neonates (of uncertain viability) §205 Cklist 5-28-2014
Subpart B §46.206 / Pennsylvania Statute: Research involving after delivery, the placenta, the dead fetus, or fetal material §206 / PA Statute Cklist 7-10-2017
Subpart C: Prisoners Subpart C Cklist 7-7-2010
Emergency Research EFIC: 21 CFR 50.24 EFIC Cklist & Review Form 5-20-2015
Pharmacist Reviewer Form Pharmacist Cklist 6-15-2011
Data Sharing Plan Data Sharing Plan Cklist 4-6-2015
IRB Office Checklists Download Version
Expedited & Full Board Checklist New Study Cklist 10-28-2010
Response to Stipulations Checklist Responses to Stipulation Cklist 11-1-2012
Checklist for Exempt & Not Human Subjects Requests XMPT & NHSR Cklist 6-8-2010
Cooperative Agreement Checklist Cooperative Agreement Cklist 6-15-2011
Continuing Review Checklist CR Cklist 6-8-2010
Amendment Checklist AMD Cklist 6-8-2010
Consent Checklist ICF Cklist 8-14-2018