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General Research IS Questions

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RIS Outreach Services will assist you with quick answers to frequent questions about Research Information Services support and services.

Before Requesting

  • Please use the CHOP Research Institute website's "Search CHOP Research Institute" main search function to see if an answer already exists and to better inform the question you will submit.
  • If you know the Research Information Services Technology Team or service/support provider, please submit the question directly to them.
  • If this is a consultation request, where a meeting, and extended support will be requested please use the IS Faculty Consultations service request.
  • If this is a question or request for a more extensive education on an existing or future technology, please use our Technology Education Activities service to submit your request.

Research IS Outreach Services will do our best to quickly answer your Research Information Technology question. If it involves the CHOP Information Services department, you may be directed to their support services.