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File Sharing High Speed Transfer Services

Published on Aug 27, 2019 · Last Updated 2 months ago


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These services are used for transferring large data between external collaborators and CHOP.


Email like interface that allows secure file transfer of multi-gigabyte files to outside users.  Sender access requires a CHOP account but receiver accounts are generated dynamically.  To retrieve data from outside user there are options in the interface to “Send me a blind carbon copy” and “Allow recipient to send me back files”.  Checking these options gives the requestor access to the temporary storage location and the dynamic user and password required to open it.

  • Note:  the user, password and data are deleted in 7 days.  You must retrieve the data in that time or have it resent.
  • Access is requested through Service Now.
  • Best for infrequent sharing of small or medium size data sets.


Useful for sharing data with others inside and outside CHOP. Limited to 1TB of data total storage and automatically allocated when your M365 account is created. Find additional information on @CHOP or by opening a request through

Best for regular shared access to relatively small data sets like Office documents, csv, and smaller images.


Secure File Transfer uses a web interface, SFTP command line interface, or programs like WinSFTP to transfer files from outside collaborators.  Data can be deposited into an internal file share for access but multiple internal users.

  • Access is requested through Service Now.
  • Best for regular transfers of medium to large size data sets.

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