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Expediting and Confirming Orders

Published on Sep 17, 2019 · Last Updated 2 years 1 month ago


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Contact your Buyer (referenced in Coupa) to expedite an order, or for a status update. 

A requisition is an authorized request for the purchase of goods or services via Coupa. Once a requisition has been approved, it will generate a purchase order and will be transmitted to the vendor.

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by the Supply Chain Department to a vendor indicating items, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the vendor will provide to CHOP. Transmission of a PO to a vendor constitutes a legal offer to buy products and/or services. Requisitions are processed to purchase orders after the appropriate approvals have been obtained.

After you "Release" a requisition in Coupa, it will transmit to the approver(s) for your cost center in accordance with the CHOP Expenditure Matrix. An e-mail will be sent to each approver with a notification that a requisition is awaiting approval. After all necessary approvals have been made, Coupa will process the requisition to generate a purchase order.

Please email Supply Chain Customer Service with your exact location (i.e., Building, Floor, Suite Number, and Department Name) to be connected with the appropriate Buyer. DO NOT change the Buyer referenced in the 'Buyer' field of a requisition. You may also review the following Buyer List for all locations existing within Coupa.

Please consult your departmental Manager or Director for the appropriate account code selection as this is determined by the Finance Business Manager responsible for the department's budgets.