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We are your resource to design, build, and maintain an engaging and effective web presence whether your goal is to inform, recruit, or provide online functionality.

With a focus on the highest standards of customer service, we build and maintain internal and external web properties for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. Our aim is to provide the Research Institute with a world-class web presence and associated tools and services that illuminate to our target audiences our leadership in pediatric translational research.

Any services not covered by Research Information Services are provided by CHOP Main Information Services. For those services please contact the CHOP IS Support Center at ext. 4-HELP (4-4357) or 215-590-4357.



Scott Glasser
Associate Director, Digital Strategy

RISUG Recording: Web Services at the Research Institute 2024

Log in to view the recorded webinar hosted by Scott Glasser, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Web Services, and Kim Slouf, Digital Strategist of Research IS Web Services as they provide an overview of CHOP's Research Institute's website, site components, how to update, or request new, web presences, and more.