RCR Training FAQs



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If you have additional questions that are not answered below, please contact atop@chop.edu.

CHOP may accept comparable online CITI RCR training completed in the last 3 years at an outside institution. For consideration, send a copy of the CITI RCR transcript to atop@chop.edu for review.

No. RCR training is a separate federal and institutional requirement. CITI RCR training is completed in addition to any other role specific research training you are required to take.

Informal RCR Instruction is continuous learning about research integrity that occurs within daily laboratory/research team interactions, mentored and peer discussions, and in other scholarly activities or seminars. It is an essential component of the research training experience and is completed in addition to the formal CHOP RCR training courses.

Research trainees and NIH Early Career Investigators are responsible for developing informal RCR education plans in conjunction with their faculty mentor and maintaining individual records (i.e., certificates) that document training completion. PIs are responsible for monitoring, tracking and reporting completion of informal RCR education.

The online CITI RCR training is completed one time. The in-person RCR 1 (4 hours) and RCR 2 (4 hours) sessions are completed once during each career stage and at a frequency of once every four years. In-person sessions expire 4 years after the earliest session date. You will receive an email reminder from the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs if you need to recertify.

Regardless of your funding source, if you are research trainee who is based at Penn, you would complete the Penn RCR training requirements. The CHOP online CITI RCR training may be accepted at Penn.

The online CITI RCR training could be completed at Penn or CHOP. For consideration of online CITI RCR training completed at Penn, submit a copy of your transcript to the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs for review.

The eight hours of in-person education (RCR Sessions 1 and 2) that is completed once during the fellowship would be completed at CHOP.