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Theodore Cary, MCIT
Theodore Cary
Research Associate II

Theodore Cary is a computer scientist in Biomedical Imaging Research.



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Theodore Cary is a computer scientist who has been programming biomedical image analysis and machine learning software for radiology research since 2001, previously for twenty years at the Ultrasound Research Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Chandra Sehgal. He has also worked in enterprise software and at startup companies founded through translational research.

He continues writing programs for computer-aided diagnosis as a research associate at CHOP in the laboratory of Dr. Misun Hwang, with greater emphasis on emerging ultrasound technologies for imaging and treatment, including planewave high-frame-rate acquisition and algorithms for resolving low-flow microvasculature, as well as focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier for gene therapies. He has a Master of Science in Computer Information and Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.