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Piotr K. Jung, PhD
Piotr K. Jung
Postdoctoral Fellow
he, him

Piotr Jung is a postdoctoral fellow in the Wolpaw Lab focused on modeling lineage heterogeneity in neuroblastoma. Jung is interested in how three-dimensional culture methods impact cell state.



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Piotr Jung received his bachelor's and master's degrees in biotechnology from the University of Warsaw. During his undergraduate time, Jung studied TGFbeta in skeletal muscle regeneration with Professor Ciemerych-Litwinienko. As a graduate student, he worked in Peter Sicinski’s lab at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI)/Harvard Medical School in Boston on the role of CDK2 and Cyclin E during spermatogenesis and testicular development.

He was then awarded a Marie Curie Actions studentship to complete his PhD at the University of Cambridge/Babraham Institute in the United Kingdown in the lab of Len Stephens and Phill Hawkins. During his PhD program and short postdoc in England, Piotr investigated the role of protein Plekhs1 in the PI3K signaling pathway in the process of prostate cancer development.

He then returned to the U.S., joining the ubiquitin signaling lab led by Eugene Oh at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he worked for seven months. Moving to Philadelphia, Jung joined the Wolpaw Lab where he is working on developing immunocompetent models to study the impact of lineage heterogeneity on immunotherapy response in neuroblastoma. Jung is interested in how three-dimensional culture methods impact cell state. Outside of the lab, Piotr enjoys running, going to thrift stores, and exploring Philadelphia.

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University of Cambridge/Babraham Institute, PhD

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Postdoctoral Fellow