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Janet L. Kwiatkowski, MD, MSCE
Janet L. Kwiatkowski
Director, Thalassemia Center

Dr. Kwiatkowski is director of the Thalassemia Center at CHOP. Her research focuses on gene therapy for hemoglobinopathies, monitoring and treatment of complications of thalassemia, sickle cell disease, pyruvate kinase deficiency, and monitoring and treatment of transfusional iron overload.



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Education and Training

BS, Duke University (Zoology) , Summa Cum Laude

MD, Columbia University, College Of Physicians and Surgeons

Internship, Johns Hopkins University Hospital (Pediatrics)

Residency, Johns Hopkins University Hospital (Pediatrics)

Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

MSCE, University Of Pennsylvania (Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

Titles and Academic Titles

Director, Thalassemia Center

Clinical Director, Sickle Cell and Red Cell Disorders Curative Therapy Center (CuRED)

Professor of Pediatrics

Principal Investigator

Attending Physician

Professional Memberships

American Society of Hematology

American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Publication Highlights

Kattamis A, Kwiatkowski JL, Aydinok Y. Thalassaemia. Lancet. 2022 Jun; 399(10343): 2310-2324. PMID: 35691301
Kwiatkowski JL, Hamdy M, El-Beshlawy A, Ebeid FSE, Badr M, Alshehri A, Kanter J, Inusa B, Adly AAM, Williams S, Kilinc Y, Lee D, Tricta F, Elalfy MS. Deferiprone vs deferoxamine for transfusional iron overload in SCD and other anemias: a randomized, open-label noninferiority study. Blood Adv. 2022 Feb; 6(4): 1243-1254. PMID: 34847228
Kanter J, Walters MC, Krishnamurti L, Mapara MY, Kwiatkowski JL, Rifkin-Zenenberg S, Aygun B, Kasow KA, Pierciey FJ Jr, Bonner M, Miller A, Zhang X, Lynch J, Kim D, Ribeil JA, Asmal M, Goyal S, Thompson AA, Tisdale JF. Biologic and Clinical Efficacy of LentiGlobin for Sickle Cell Disease. N Engl J Med. 2022 Feb; 386(7):617-628. PMID: 34898139
Locatelli F, Thompson AA, Kwiatkowski JL, Porter JB, Thrasher AJ, Hongeng S, Sauer MG, Thuret I, Lal A, Algeri M,Schneiderman J, Olson TS, Carpenter B, Amrolia PJ, Anurathapan U, Schambach A, Chabannon C, Schmidt M, abik I, Elliot H, Guo R, Asmal M, Colvin RA, Walters MC. Autotemcel Gene Therapy for Non-β 0/β 0 Genotype β-Thalassemia. N Engl J Med. 2022 Feb; 386(5): 415-427. PMID: 34891223
Lourenco SP, Jarocha D, Ghiaccio V, Guerra A, Abdulmalik O, La P, Zezulin A, Smith-Whitley K, Kwiatkowski JL, Guzikowski V, Nakamura Y, Raabe T, Breda L, Rivella S. Inclusion of a short hairpin RNA targeting BCL11A into a β-globin expressing vector allows concurrent synthesis of curative adult and fetal hemoglobin. Haematologica. 2021 Oct; 106(10): 2740-2745. PMID: 34047176