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Wanding Zhou, PhD

Wanding Zhou

Dr. Zhou’s outstanding research interests include mitosis-coupled DNA methylation drift and inference of cell-type-specific epigenetic signals. He developed multiple computational tools for analyzing DNA methylation data and has actively contributed to cancer genomics data analysis.

Joseph J. Zorc, MD, MSCE

Joseph J. Zorc

Dr. Zorc's work focuses on the intersection of interventional clinical research, quality improvement (QI), and clinical informatics. He has formal certification in epidemiology, QI methodology, and clinical informatics, and has participated in multi-center research networks, guideline and improvement collaboratives, and electronic health record development locally and nationally.

Athena F. Zuppa, MD, MSCE

Athena F. Zuppa

As director of the Center for Clinical Pharmacology, Dr. Zuppa has a dynamic research program that focuses on using clinical pharmacological modeling and simulation strategies to study the impact of critical illness on drug disposition in children.