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Stefano Rivella, PhD

Stefano Rivella

Dr. Rivella is an expert in the pathophysiology of erythroid and iron disorders and in the generation of lentiviral vectors for the cure of hemoglobinopathies. He also investigates additional disorders such as anemia of inflammation and hemochromatosis.

Michael B. Robinson, PhD

Michael B. Robinson

Dr. Robinson has a longstanding research interest in the function and regulation of brain glutamate transport under physiologic and pathologic conditions.

Jeffrey D. Roizen, MD, PhD, FAAP

Jeffrey D. Roizen

Dr. Roizen's research program aims to understand non-calciometabolic effects of vitamin D and to use this understanding to design new therapeutic approaches to common diseases such as sarcopenia and obesity.

Neil D. Romberg, MD

Neil D. Romberg

Dr. Romberg investigates the regulatory mechanisms enabling our immune systems to fight infections without injuring ourselves. He is particularly interested in the immune system of patients with primary immunodeficiency who are susceptible to both life-threatening infections and autoimmune diseases. Greater insights into these rare diseases may enable rationale development of targeted therapies for more common diseases with an immunologic basis.

Ronald C. Rubenstein, MD, PhD

Ronald C. Rubenstein

Dr. Rubenstein's research focuses on basic and translational studies of novel means to improve outcomes in cystic fibrosis. He initially focused on correcting the dysfunction of mutant cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) proteins, which led him to study how molecular chaperones regulate the biogenesis and trafficking of CFTR and other proteins that are relevant to cystic fibrosis.