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Benjamin L. Laskin, MD, MS

Benjamin L. Laskin

Dr. Laskin's research focuses on the conduct of clinical investigations and translational studies designed to target mechanisms to prevent, treat, or slow the progression of chronic kidney disease in immunosuppressed patients, including children receiving a bone marrow or kidney transplant.

Melissa A. Lerman, MD, PhD, MSCE

Melissa A. Lerman

Dr. Lerman's research interests include non-infectious uveitis and temporomandibular (TMJ) arthritis. Her studies examine the utility of biologic agents to achieve, and maintain, uveitis control. Up to 80 percent of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) have potentially erosive TMJ arthritis, and she is exploring ways to best identify and monitor this often asymptomatic manifestation of JIA.

Daniella Levy-Erez, MD

Daniella Levy-Erez

Dr. Levy-Erez's research is focused on the discovery of immune urinary biomarkers among children developing acute kidney injury. She is studying both a unique population of immune-compromised children after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) as well as children who have an intact immune system who develop acute kidney injury after cardiac bypass surgery.

Yimei Li, PhD

Yimei Li

Dr. Li's methodology research interests include survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian methods, and clinical trial design. Her current research involves statistical designs and analysis for early phase cancer clinical trials and cancer trials with multiple survival endpoints.

Daniel J. Licht, MD

Daniel J. Licht Headshot

Dr. Licht is the director of the Wolfson Family Laboratory for Clinical and Biomedical Optics. His research focuses on the development and use of novel noninvasive optical devices to probe cerebrovascular hemodynamics and physiology in vivo. These devices are used in clinical and preclinical studies to discover the timing and causes of brain injury during care.

Lan Lin, PhD

Lan Lin

Dr. Lin studies RNA modifications (a.k.a "epitranscriptomics") in human diseases, including cancer. She develops and applies high-throughput sequencing strategies and transcriptome engineering technologies to study the regulation and function of RNA modifications, including A-to-I RNA editing and m6A RNA methylation.