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Ian N. Jacobs, MD

Ian N. Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs’s current research focuses on several areas, including the biochemical, microbiological, and genetic cause of scarring or stenosis of the laryngotracheal airway, and the development of tissue-engineered cartilage and other novel biomaterials for laryngotracheal reconstruction. Dr. Jacobs is also investigating the mitigation of button battery injuries in infants and children

Abbas F. Jawad, PhD, MSc

Abbas F. Jawad

Dr. Jawad has more than 20 years’ experience in designing, analyzing, and reporting medical research studies and clinical trials. He served as a co-investigator in numerous research studies covering a variety of child illnesses such as diabetes, sickle cell, immunology, infections, and mental illnesses.

Brian Jenssen, MD, MSHP

Brian Jenssen

Dr. Jenssen's research involves the use of clinical decision support systems and population health management techniques to protect children from secondhand smoke exposure and tobacco use. More broadly, he focuses on leveraging health information technology to engineer and implement novel approaches and products to improve care for children and their parents.

Steven Joffe, MD, MPH

Steven Joffe

Dr. Joffe's research addresses three areas. First, he studies leadership in biomedical science, including governance within learning healthcare systems and the role of the principal investigator in multicenter trials. Second, he studies the ethical questions raised by genomic sequencing in medicine and science. Finally, he studies the ethics of human subjects research, including informed consent and clinical research design.

Audrey R. Odom John, MD, PhD

Audrey R. Odom John, MD, PhD

Dr. John studies metabolism in the setting of pediatric infections, in order to identify new anti-infective drug targets, understand drug resistance, and develop new diagnostics.

Tiffani J. Johnson, MD

Tiffani J. Johnson

Dr. Johnson's research portfolio reflects her commitment to improving the quality of care for underserved children and reducing racial/ethnic inequities. Her current interdisciplinary research program is focused on inequities in the care and outcomes of children in the emergency department.

Matthew A. Jolley, MD

Matthew A. Jolley, MD

Dr. Jolley's research lab is focused on visualizing and quantifying congenitally abnormal heart structures using 3D imaging with the driving goal of informing surgical and interventional planning in children and adults with congenital heart disease.

Camille Jolly-Tornetta, PhD

Camille Jolly-Tornetta

Dr. Jolly-Tornetta's role involves protecting and commercializing innovations developed out of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia by evaluating the commercial viability of CHOP technology, developing strategies for the protection of related intellectual property, and overseeing the drafting, negotiation, and execution of commercialization transactions.

Tracey F. Jubelirer, MD, MSCE

Tracey F. Jubelirer

Dr. Jubelirer focuses on integrative health/oncology, blending complementary therapies and conventional medical treatment. She aims to promote health and wellness, harness innate healing properties, enhance efficacy, improve symptom control, alleviate distress, and reduce suffering in cancer patients. Through an integrative program she hopes to empower and educate patients, families, and oncology practitioners on integrative health to advance evidence-based research.