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Elizabeth Foglia, MD, MA, MSCE

Elizabeth Foglia

Dr. Foglia's research aims to identify the best methods to monitor and perform neonatal resuscitation, with the ultimate goal of optimizing outcomes for high risk infants who require resuscitation in the delivery room and neonatal intensive care unit setting.

Carol A. Ford, MD

Carol A. Ford

Dr. Ford's research focuses on improving adolescent health and addresses issues of adolescent access to high quality health care, adolescent patient-physician communication, and adolescent privacy concerns.

Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD

Christopher B. Forrest Headshot

Dr. Forrest's research focuses on developing novel ways of conducting multi-center pediatric applied clinical research, child health services and outcomes research, pediatric person-reported outcome measure development and application, life course health science, learning health systems science, and policies and programs that promote the lifelong health of children. He has a particular interest in the concept and measurement of health.

William W. Fox, MD

William W. Fox

Dr. Fox leads the Chronic Lung Disease Frontier Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. His area of research is in neonatal pulmonary function, mechanical ventilation, and liquid ventilation.

Susan L. Furth, MD, PhD

Susan L. Furth

Dr. Furth's research focuses on defining risk factors for kidney disease progression in children; characterizing the effect of kidney function decline on neurodevelopment, cognitive abilities and behavior; identifying the prevalence and evolution of cardiovascular disease risk factors, and examining the effects of declining glomerular filtration rate on children’s growth.