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Olufunke Afolabi-Brown, MBBS

Olufunke Afolabi-Brown

Dr. Afolabi-Brown's research centers on determining the role of polysomnography in facilitating tracheostomy decannulation in children.

Aletha Akers, MD, MPH

Aletha Akers

Dr. Akers is an adolescent gynecologist and her research focuses on improving reproductive health outcomes among adolescent women by reducing teen pregnancy, and reducing sexually transmitted infection rates by increasing adolescents’ access to high quality reproductive health services.

Aaron Alexander-Bloch, MD, PhD

Aaron Alexander-Bloch, MD, PhD

Dr. Alexander-Bloch investigates normal brain development and the altered developmental trajectories that lead to mental illness. His multi-disciplinary research integrates brain imaging, genomics and clinical information.

Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS

Sandra Amaral

Dr. Amaral's research is focused on kidney transplantation with particular interests in reducing treatment burden for adolescents and young adults — from designing studies to make daily medication regimens easier to diagnosing transplant injury earlier using innovative, noninvasive approaches.

Jason B. Anari, MD

Jason B. Anari

Dr. Anari has research interests in pediatric chest wall and spinal deformities. His current research projects include understanding how children respond overall to chest wall surgery in thoracic insufficiency. He's working to identify which patients with early-onset scoliosis are at risk for unplanned surgery in an attempt to limit anesthesia exposure to the developing brain.

Savvas Andronikou, MBBch (Wits), PhD, FCRad (Diag)

Savvas Andronikou

As vice chair of clinical research in the Department of Radiology, Dr. Andronikou oversees a growing translational and clinical research program that is broadly related to and impacts nearly every pediatric subspecialty. This program includes interventional radiology, cardiovascular, lymphatic imaging, pulmonary imaging, and oncology, among many others.

Catherine M. Avitabile, MD

Catherine Avitabile

Dr. Avitabile works to understand the impact of musculoskeletal deficits on exercise performance in children with complex heart and lung diseases. She also participates in multi-centered clinical trials to advance the care of children with pediatric pulmonary hypertension.