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Dieu M. Truong, MA
Dieu M. Truong
Psychology Intern

Dieu M. Truong, MA, is the current psychology intern on the autism spectrum disorders track, completing the APA-Accredited Psychology Internship Training Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.



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Dieu M. Truong, MA, is the current psychology Intern on the autism spectrum disorders track, completing her American Psychological Association (APA)-Accredited Psychology Internship Training Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Truong is finishing her PhD in the APA-Accredited, National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)-certified School Psychology doctoral program at the University of Houston.

As a Chinese-Vietnamese American female who immigrated to America as a teen and speaks fluently in Vietnamese, Cantonese, and English, her identity and her experience as an Asian immigrant are an integral part of guiding her professional identity -- a social justice-focused and culturally humble clinician and researcher.

Her primary research focus is to better understand the intersectionality of Southeast Asian cultural values and historical and ongoing systemic racism against Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAAPI) communities that impact equitable access to autism services. Truong's dissertation is an international large-scale measurement variance study focusing on illuminating the experience of parents caring for autistic children in a low-to-middle income country with a Socialist government and a Buddhist- and Confucian-oriented cultural system.

She is also a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Fellow from the American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program.

Truong’s additional research focuses on integrating social justice in the field of school psychology. She was invited to be the lead co-author on writing the unified statement of School Psychology Unified Call for Deeper Understanding, Solidarity, and Action to Eradicate Anti-AAAPI Racism and Violence (2021). Solidarity and Action to Eradicate Anti-AAAPI Racism and Violence. This unified call to action was endorsed in solidarity by multiple national and International School Psychology organizations, including the APA Division 16, Trainers of School Psychologists, American Board of School Psychology, International School Psychology, and NASP. Dieu will start her postdoctoral fellowship with the Center for Autism Research this summer under the mentorship of Dr. Judith Miller.