M.D., M.S.C.E.
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Division of General Pediatrics Suite 12NW80 34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard

Pediatric hospital medicine

Early recognition of deteriorating pediatric inpatients

Clinical decision support in the electronic health record

Clinical informatics

My broad clinical research interest is evaluating the effectiveness and unintended consequences of systems designed to improve patient safety for hospitalized children.

Specific areas of focus include:
-Rapid Response Systems
-Medical Emergency Teams
-Early Warning Scores
-Physiologic Monitoring Systems
-Alarm Fatigue
-Electronic Health Records
-Mobile Health (mHealth) Interventions

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2011– present)
MSCE, Clinical Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania (2011)
MD, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (2004)
BA, Psychology, Colby College (2000)
Selected Publications
Bonafide CP, Zander M, Graham CS, Weirich CM, Rock W, Rich A, Roberts KE, Fortino M, Nadkarni VM, Lin R, Keren R. Video methods for evaluating physiologic monitor alarms and alarm responses. Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology. Vol In press. 2014.
Bonafide CP, Localio AR, Roberts KE, Nadkarni VM, Weirich CM, Keren R. Impact of rapid response system implementation on critical deterioration events in children. JAMA Pediatrics. 2013 Online first 11 November.
Huang EJ, Bonafide CP, Keren R, Nadkarni VM, Holmes JH. Medications associated with clinical deterioration in hospitalized children.. Journal of Hospital Medicine. Vol 8(5) . 2013:254-60.
Bonafide CP, Brady PW, Keren R, Conway PH, Marsolo K, Daymont C. Development of heart and respiratory rate percentile curves for hospitalized children. Pediatrics. Vol 131(4) . 2013:e1150-7.