Licensing Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Intellectual Property



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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is recognized consistently as one of the top children’s hospitals and has a strong reputation for world-class research and innovation. Ongoing discovery at the Hospital and its Research Institute generates an always evolving portfolio of available technologies.

The Office of Technology Transfer plays a key role in bridging the gap between innovation and commercialization:

  • CHOP has about 110 active licenses with over 85 companies ranging from start-ups to multinational pharmaceutical companies.
  • CHOP investigators and clinicians have developed various software, medical devices and pharmaceutical products that have been brought to market, including an electronic health record monitoring software, a rotavirus vaccine, a retinal disease gene therapy, and a human leukocyte antigen typing kit, among others.
  • The Office of Technology Transfer receives approximately 90 disclosures every year.

The Office of Technology Transfer actively seeks commercial partners to develop CHOP technologies for the benefit of society, and it works to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships, as well as generate a steady flow of income back to the research labs at CHOP. To learn more about the licensing opportunities at CHOP or if you have any questions about the ongoing research and the available technologies,
please contact us.