Office of Collaborative and Corporate Research Contracts Team



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The Office of Collaborative and Corporate Research Contracts team handles the negotiation, administration, and execution of several types of research contracts on behalf of CHOP researchers. For general inquiries and additional information on services please email or call 267-426-7400. View a list of OCCRC Departmental Assignments.

Charles T. Bartunek

Charles T. Bartunek, JD

Senior Director, Office of Collaborative and Corporate Research Contracts

Leading the negotiation of industry-sponsored research agreements, as well as those concerning the sharing of data, materials, and other information with academic and industry partners.


Jordyn Barker
Contracts Associate

Peri Buch

Christopher Croft
Senior Contracts Specialist

Kali Frampton, JD
Contracts Associate

Aaron Helm, JD
Contracts Associate 

Leona Hobbs
Senior Contracts Team Lead - Training & Development

Monica Ilnicki
Senior Operations & Contracts Coordinator

Alia Kirkland
Contracts Manager

Rasha Kolia, JD
Senior Contracts Team Lead

Xenia Krylyuk
Operations & Contracts Administrator

Kimberly Leary
Senior Contracts Associate

Amy Murry, JD
Contracts Manager

Valentina Nicolo, JD
Contracts Associate

Wanda Peay
Contracts Associate

Matthew Scheitrum, JD
Senior Contracts Associate

Danean Spruel-Butts
Contracts Associate

Erich Veitch
Contracts Associate

Andrew Wnuk, JD
Contracts Associate