MetaCHOP Research Affinity Group



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In a world of hyper specialization, there is, more than ever, a need to bring together experts so they discuss how their respective fields interact. Sensor technology, machine learning, and emerging visualizing techniques offer every day new perspectives on how to understand the biomedical enterprise and new tools to advance healthcare and biomedical research. In 2017 the Children’s Hospital established the METACHOP (Math, Engineering, Technology at CHOP) Research Affinity Group, a community of more than 100 mathematicians, physicists, and engineers working in various technical disciplines at the Hospital.

The MetaCHOP Research Affinity Group facilitates communication and collaboration between quantitative scientists and clinicians. This synergistic relationship allows engineers to present physicians with innovative ideas and tools to help them with their research and, clinicians to present engineers with unmet clinical needs.

MetaCHOP offers forums to discuss emerging technologies and engineering that can have a particular impact on research. These forums include topics such as pediatric biomechanics and child injury prevention; health informatics; bedside monitoring tools and imaging; clinical decision support tools; machine learning; computer vision; protein structure modeling/design, proteomics; database design and deployment; robotics, automation; virtual and augmented reality.