Jolley Laboratory



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Researchers in the Jolley Lab focus on the visualization, quantification, and computational modeling of congenitally abnormal heart structures using multi-modality 3D imaging.
Children with congenital heart disease have a broad range of anatomy, and there are few readily available (commercial) tools to facilitate image-based structural phenotyping and patient specific planning of interventions. As such, the Jolley Lab develops and applies custom tools built upon open-source platforms to help answer critical questions in this unique population. The group leverages medical image processing, machine learning, finite element analysis, computer-aided design, virtual reality, and 3D printing to achieve these goals. The lab collaborates with surgeons, cardiac imagers, interventional cardiologists, computer scientists, and engineers with the long-term goal of delivering personalized structural modeling to inform optimal interventions in individual patients.

Matthew A. Jolley, MD

Matthew A. Jolley, MD

Assistant Professor
Dr. Jolley's research lab is focused on visualizing and quantifying congenitally abnormal heart structures using 3D imaging with the driving goal of informing surgical and interventional planning in children and adults with congenital heart disease.