Lurie Family Foundations MEG Imaging Center Team



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The MEG laboratory is fully staffed and committed to research and clinical excellence while ensuring patient comfort and safety. In addition to nine dedicated PhD-level faculty, two staff computing specialists, three post-doctoral students, 7 research assistants and coordinators and 5 experienced technologists assist with and help support laboratory research. MEG data are primarily analyzed in the MEG analysis lab located within the Lurie Family Foundations MEG Imaging Center.

Timothy P.L. Roberts Headshot

Timothy P.L. Roberts, PhD

Vice Chair of Research, Department of Radiology

Dr. Roberts investigates brain-wave scanning with magnetoencephalography (MEG) and works to identify biomarkers for neuropsychiatric disorders like autism. Those biomarkers are for diagnosis, prognosis, stratification, and response monitoring as well as substrate identification for targeted therapy. Putting the "bio" into biomarkers is a major emphasis of Dr. Roberts' research, for which he uses advanced diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and edited spectroscopy.


Luke Bloy, PhD 
Research Scientist

Yuhan Chen, PhD
Research Scientist

Hao Huang, PhD
Principal Investigator

Minhui Ouyang, PhD