Facilitate Clinical Research Study Budget Plan



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It is important to ensure that the investigator has sufficient funds to conduct the proposed clinical research study. Clinical Trial Financial Management (CTFM) will be notified of all new studies requiring a budget once Section 1.02 (Budget Industry) has been submitted in eSIFTER (Study Intake Form to Expedite Research) (log in required). eSIFTER is the intake module for all new industry or non-industry sponsored studies that have hospital/professional billable research services (including through the CHPS program), which require a budget and invoicing by CTFM, as these studies will need to be built and maintained in OnCore Clinical Trial Management System.

Upon receiving a request for a new OnCore study build from eSIFTER, the OnCore Support Team (OST) will begin creating the study's protocol and calendar. Once complete, the OnCore Specialist will advise the CTFM Budget Analyst that work on the budget can begin. At any point during the process of building the protocol, calendar and budget, it may be necessary to collaborate with the study team to ensure completeness and accuracy of all elements of the OnCore build. This could include preliminary review of the calendar structure and/or the budget draft by the study team before it is negotiated with the sponsor. Contact your Budget Analyst to track progress with budget negotiations.

  • For industry-sponsored studies, CTFM will negotiate the budget with the sponsor.
  • For federally funded and foundation-supported studies, CTFM is available to work with the Research Business Administrator (RBA) to draft a proposed budget when there are patient care related costs.
  • New pricing requests can now be submitted within eSIFTER.
  • If you will be using research services provided by the Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS), please make sure that you select "yes " to the CHPS question in Section 1.03 (3.0) the IRB submission. By submitting "yes " in eIRB, a link to eCHPS will be created for the study team to complete the CHPS resource requests sections. The CHPS resource requests must be completely filled out in order for the CHPS services to be added to the research budget. Any delays in submitting the resource request in eCHPS may result in a delay in the budget.
  • CHPS charges for services, and these costs must be included in all budgets. All studies or amendments approved by CHPS with study protocol-specific training will be charged an hourly fee per CHPS staff completing each required training.

After the budget and contract are fully executed, the Primary study coordinator (log in required) will participate in the review and signoff of both the protocol and calendar/budget in OnCore, while the Principal Investigator (log in required) will only need to participate in the review and signoff on the calendar/budget. In order for a study to be considered fully live in OnCore, it must have a protocol status of Open to Accrual (log in required) and a Released calendar/ budget.

For more information regarding eSIFTER and OnCore Financials visit OnCore Study Start Up. Additionally, OnCore training materials (log in required) associated with the processes described above are available on @CHOP.

Key Reminders

The IRB will not release the approved informed consent form and approval letter until the budget is finalized and contract is fully executed

eSIFTER is a centralized repository for study start up information required to support various ...

The OnCore Clinical Trial Management System provides a single, comprehensive application for ...