High Throughput Sequencing Core Tools and Fees



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The High Throughput Sequencing Core houses specialized equipment for DNA and RNA sequencing projects including Illumina® MiSeq™, NextSeq™, and NovaSeq™ sequencers. Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer©, Qubit 2.0® fluorometer, Real-Time PCR Detection System, and NanoDrop 2000™ spectrophotometer provide for sample quality and quantity assessment. High throughput sequencing (e.g., whole genome/exome, targeted sequencing, transcriptome, ChIP-seq, miRNA, metagenome) and variant detection are only a few of the services provided. The Core further offers many sequencing-associated services such as RNA/DNA isolation, library preparation and QC, as well as consultations on project design. The Core offers many RNA-seq library prep options such as microRNA, ribosomal RNA-depletion, polyA enrichment, strand-specific sequencing, and ultra-low input library preparation.

All fees are available in iLab.

Please support us by acknowledging our services in your publications. Please acknowledge Core staff where appropriate and consider authorship inclusion when scientific contributions merit. Please feel free to use the following language in your acknowledgments. Thank you in advance!

“The sequencing was performed by the CHOP High Throughput Sequencing Core.”

“We thank the High Throughput Sequencing Core at CHOP for their help with sequencing.”