Getting Started with High Throughput Sequencing Core



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Working with us is easy. Here are the steps to get started:

Register iLab
Step 01

If you do not have an iLab account, please register with iLab

Step 02

Please set up a consultation and/or request a Project ID.

Step 03

Use iLab to "request service" for the planned project.

Step 04

The HTS Core staff reviews and approves your project in iLab; you revise and approve changes and charges.

Step 05

Contact HTS Core staff for sample submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please support us by acknowledging our services in your publications. Please acknowledge Core staff where appropriate and consider authorship inclusion when scientific contributions merit. Please feel free to use the following language in your acknowledgments. Thank you in advance!

“The sequencing was performed by the CHOP High Throughput Sequencing Core.”

“We thank the High Throughput Sequencing Core at CHOP for their help with sequencing.”