Global Health Research Affinity Group



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Looking at health from a world view rather than a local or regional approach is increasingly important in this era of globalization. Working with partners in resource-limited settings helps to make sure that we are addressing issues of greatest importance to children in those settings. As with all healthcare-related work, research represents a critical component of that global perspective.

The Global Health Research Affinity Group, established in 2017, provides a formal structure to unite CHOP-based researchers who are conducting or interested in conducting global health research. In addition to strong representation from experts in fields traditionally well-represented in Global Health (e.g. Infectious Diseases), the Global Health Research Affinity Group has engaged experts in fields as diverse as bioinformatics, radiology, orthopedics, pediatric Emergency Medicine and toxicology. This collaborative approach links multi-talented investigators with common research interests and implementation challenges who are widely dispersed throughout CHOP’s Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. These efforts help to catalyze work with partners in resource-limited settings, focused on helping to answer questions addressing local child health priorities.

The group provides educational and networking opportunities to enhance investigators’ knowledge of the unique infrastructure at these elite scientific institutions and facilitate use of existing resources to fortify their international pediatric research initiatives. In addition, the Global Health Research Affinity Group serves as a liaison between CHOP Global Health and the CHOP Research Institute on prioritization of resources to enhance and streamline the work of CHOP researchers who want to explore pediatric health questions in resource-limited settings.