Feudtner Laboratory



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Research in the Feudtner Lab advances the well-being of children, adolescents, and young adults with complex chronic conditions and serious, often rare, illnesses, and promotes the well-being of their families. The lab strives to improve the understanding of these conditions, their impact on these individuals and their families, and how to improve clinical care and health policy to improve outcomes.

The lab's research approaches include large-scale epidemiologic and health services research studies in the arenas of pediatric palliative care and medication exposure, as well as intimate interview studies of parental stress and parental decision-making of parents of children with serious illness. In addition, the lab conducts research and produces academic work in the field of medical ethics.

Chris Feudtner

Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH

Division Chief, Division of General Pediatrics
Dr. Feudtner's research strives to advance the well-being of pediatric patients with complex chronic conditions and serious, often rare, illnesses, and to promote the well-being of their families. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Feudtner is conducting studies focusing on pediatric palliative care, complex care, the impact on families of pediatric serious illness, and pediatric medical ethics.